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Viktor Hamburger to Martha Hamburger, April 12, 1950

Letter about trip to Cambridge

Created: 4/12/50

Viktor Hamburger to Martha Hamburger, April 20, 1950 and April 30, 1950

Letter about trip to Cambridge, lecturing at MIT and Harvard, Victor Twitty, Rita

Created: 4/20/1950 and 4/30/1950

Viktor Hamburger to Max and Else Hamburger, July 1931

Original, written translation.

Created: 7/1/31

Viktor Hamburger to Daniel B. Drachman, October 19, 1965

About fixatives he uses

Created: 1965-10-19

Viktor Hamburger to John D. Decker, June 11, 1964

Expenses for the investigation of the turtle

Created: 1964-06-11

Viktor Hamburger to Raymond Dart, July 12, 1971

Information on his recent work on embryological motility in chicks

Created: 1971-07-12

Viktor Hamburger to Virginia Carr, January 5, 1978

5 pages, with loose notes

Created: 1978-01-05

Viktor Hamburger to Michael Corner, September 25, 1981

Comments on Marcus Jacobson review piece

Created: 9/25/81

Viktor Hamburger to Bruce Masterston, September 2, 1980

Request for a recommendation letter for Judy Brunso-Bechtold for a Sloan Fellowship

Created: 9/2/80

Viktor Hamburger to Samuel J. Ajl, June 1, 1983

Recommendation of Anne Bekoff for a grant from the Basil O'Connor Research Fund

Created: 6/1/83

Viktor Hamburger to Ludwig von Bertalanffy, July 31, 1952

Invitation to Bertalanffy to give a lecture at Washington University with funds from the Sigma Xi Society

Created: 7/31/52

Viktor Hamburger to Russell J. Blattner, February 21, 1956

Hamburger grants Blattner permission to cite his study on influenza virus in chick embryos

Created: 2/21/56

Viktor Hamburger to Philip Grant, September 5, 1963

Discussion of NSF funded travel to Finland.

Created: 9/5/63

Viktor Hamburger to E. Gutmann, November 8, 1967

Shipped book

Created: 11/8/67

Viktor Hamburger to Roberts Rugh, July 31, 1961

With stage 4-25 negatives

Created: 7/31/61

Viktor Hamburger to Roberts Rugh, September 26, 1961

Sending copies of earlier letters. Photo sent.

Created: 9/26/61

Viktor Hamburger to Roberts Rugh, October 17, 1961

Permision of using the images for the Rugh's book

Created: 10/17/61

Viktor Hamburger to Roberts Rugh, September 5, 1941

Brief comments on the manual

Created: 9/5/41

Viktor Hamburger to Roberts Rugh, August 3, 1961

The rest of the negatives

Created: 8/3/61

Viktor Hamburger to Roberts Rugh, October 25, 1961

Explanation that the other stages were not essential.

Created: 10/25/61

Viktor Hamburger to S. R. Detwiler, September 25, 1944

Letter about distinguishing motor neurons from non-motor neurons

Created: 9/25/44

Methods for obtaining and handling marine eggs and embryos

Manual describing methods for handling embryological materials available at Woods Hole, Massachusetts

Created: 1957

Appendix III of J.P. Trinkaus autobiography

Appendix III: The program for the symposium on cell movement and morphogenesis (Trinkfest '88)

Created: 2003

Viktor Hamburger to Giuseppe Levi, July 8, 1946, English Letter

BW copy of original German letter

Created: 1946-07-08