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Residence of Mrs. Sheehan: Woods Holl

Mrs. Sheehan

Created: 1896-06-22

Welch Family Group: Woods Hole

Welch Family

Created: 1894-06-22

Nobska Point:near Woods Holl Mass

Nobska Lighthouse (Mass.)

Created: 1890-08

Marine Biological Laboratory:Woods Holl Mass

First Laboratory Building

Created: 1890s

Marine Biological Laboratory: Woods Holl Mass Interior View

Interior View of working laboratory

Created: 1890

Little Harbor Woods Holl Mass: Government Light Ships

Little Harbor with lights ships and undeveloped Juniper Point

Created: 1890-08

H.V Conair in Boat:Dock of United States Fish Commission

H.V Conair in rowing boat August 1890

Created: 1890-08